Flapping around like some kind of uncoordinated fish

Hey guys! Or lack of you. For now. Hopefully.

My name is Rachel and I’m from Ireland. Contrary¬†to popular belief, no, I am not a leprechaun.

I am a self-confessed book addict, coffee enthusiast, YA novel obsessor and as of seven minutes, a book blogger. As far as I have planned, (really not that much) this blog is going to primarily consist of book reviews.

Some factors in my life that contributed to the creation of this incredibly underdeveloped blog:

1: The lack of understanding that most of my friends have for my constant need for literature.

2: The fact that most of my teenage years will be spent crying tears into pillows over fictional characters that I have become overly-emotionally attached to. Might as well publicize it so my inevitable mid-life-crisis will be worsened by rediscovering this blog and recalling that i nevER GO OUT AND SIT AT HOME ALL DAY. *Coughs*. Yeah.

So, if everything goes to plan, my first post will be up within the next few days, probably going to be a review of the Legend series by Marie Lu.

(Preview: I absolutely lovED it)

Also, an apology in advance for my blatant lack of understanding of this website. The closest I get to being a whizz-computer-genius is editing my blog URL on tumblr.

Guess that’s it for today,